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How can I add two-factor authentication to my account?


#Steps To enable 2 factor authentication

1. login to your account using your login details.

2. Go to edit profile and set up otp verification

3. Download any OTP Authenticator app on your smart phone and scan the QR Code to activate WP-OTP. 4.

Enter verification code and update profile Login time

1. If you are not configured two factor authentication then login without fill otp

2. if you done configuration then generate otp in your authenticator app and fill in field and login –


E-mail with questions.

Billing and Payments

There are three ways most users start an Intelliprofile account: directly on the website, responded to a mail invitation or were entered in the system by an Intelliprofile partner.  All users have basic functionality.  Premium users have access to special features, functionality and support.  All premium users have billing support.  Any billing questions can be sent to or

Intelliprofile currently does not have phone support for a few very important reasons.  Phone support does not allow for sending links and tracking communication over time.  This is very important to our customer management.  Due to the number of customers we service, it is very important that we keep track of each and every time you call us and ask for help, why you need help and use that information to best determine how we can improve our services and support moving forward.

It is not uncommon for online companies to have online-only support for similar reasons.  Thank you for understanding and we look forward to hearing from you.

What is Intelliprofile?

Intelliprofile is a platform design to help businesses of all sized connect with potential customers, generate interest in products and services, and receive inquiries from qualified potential customers.  The yellow pages was the way prospective customers found suppliers and service providers.  Now, prospective customers turn to online platforms to help find help.

Intelliprofile is a multi-sided platform connecting informed buyers with qualified product and service providers.

How much does Intelliprofile cost?

Any qualified business can create a profile on Intelliprofile at no cost.  But, non-verified companies many be removed or deactivated from the platform if it is suspected that the business is not legitimate is publishing information that could be considered offensive or otherwise not compliant with the Intelliprofile User Agreement.

Intelliprofile does include a number of premium features that can be accessed by upgrading to a premium plan.  Review plans on the pricing page.  Upgrade at any time.  Downgrade by contacting a customer service representative.


Does Intelliprofile have a mobile app?

Currently, Intelliprofile does not have a separate mobile app.  Intelliprofile was built using responsive website coding, meaning that the site design should be compatible with most devices, through a browser.

If you experience design or functional issues, or other bugs, when trying to use Intelliprofile from your desktop computer or mobile device, please contact

We may have a mobile app in the near future.  If you prefer a mobile app, please send us a message and let us know what features and functionality you would like to see and we may add that to the product roadmap.

What is Intelliprofile’s service area?

Currently, Intelliprofile is focused on businesses in the United States but companies in other countries, especially if you serve customers in the United States, should also sign up.  Most companies serving customers in the United States will generally have a registered business entity in one or more of the states in the United States.

All are welcome.  But, if we are unable to verify your business information or you are submitting information that does not comply with our user agreement, we may have to deny service.  Please ensure you comply with the Terms of Use and contact us if you have questions.

We are working on ways to deliver more localized options for users.  Please add your service areas to your profile to ensure we deliver your profile to the appropriate prospective customers.  If you are located in one city but target customers in other cites, including nationwide locations, we offer advertising options.  Contact us for more information.